Friday, 30 April 2010

My Craft Room

Thought it would be nice to show you where I do my creating.... one of our loft rooms is a shared office - my side is as per the pics and hubby has a desk and a computer on the opposite wall which isn't very tidy today and he would kill me for showing you pics of his desk when it's a mess - it's usually pristene!!  

Anyway as you can see I have most of the space and managed to get the best side of the room.  It's lovely when the sun shines through the window - bit dull today though.  It does get very warm up here though so most of the time the window's wide open!!  There is always music playing and when my choice is on, hubby has his headphones on!!  Madonna is on as I type.... and hubby not here so it's on really loud!!

I try to keep it tidy but when I'm creating theres stuff everywhere and every drawer and cupboard is open - only been packaging today so not too bad. 

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Lesley Purcell said...

Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and the lovely comment! Oh, and for adopting me on Twitter!! Great thing this social networking lark :o)