Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Long Weekend

I'm taking a well deserved day off from work tomorrow to give me a 4 day weekend - yay!!  I've had a very busy and stressful week at work, which wasn't helped by someone reversing into the side of my car yesterday in Asda! The only plans I have so far are to get my hair cut and coloured at 10am tomorrow, then take my car to the spay garage to get a quote to fix all the bumps and bruises on it.  The rest of the weekend will be ad-lib!  I prefer to be spontaeous!!  I hope to get lots of crafting done over the weekend as the weather forecast isn't great.... my crafting has suffered due to the beautiful sunshine...I'm an outdoors, sun-worshipping kinda gal!

So what are you all up to this weekend??

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