Friday, 30 April 2010

My Craft Room

Thought it would be nice to show you where I do my creating.... one of our loft rooms is a shared office - my side is as per the pics and hubby has a desk and a computer on the opposite wall which isn't very tidy today and he would kill me for showing you pics of his desk when it's a mess - it's usually pristene!!  

Anyway as you can see I have most of the space and managed to get the best side of the room.  It's lovely when the sun shines through the window - bit dull today though.  It does get very warm up here though so most of the time the window's wide open!!  There is always music playing and when my choice is on, hubby has his headphones on!!  Madonna is on as I type.... and hubby not here so it's on really loud!!

I try to keep it tidy but when I'm creating theres stuff everywhere and every drawer and cupboard is open - only been packaging today so not too bad. 

Day Off So Far

Well I was wide awake at 7.15am when hubby left for work, so he made me a lovely cup of tea.. bless him.  I stayed in bed for a bit reading The Lovely Bones, which I'm loving so far!  Hairdressers at 10am - I love having my hair done and it was well overdue - black (and some grey) roots are not a good look!!  Out of the hairdressers by 12noon then into Tesco to pick up tonight's dinner, our favourite Old El Paso Fajitas and 2 bottles of wine - yum!  Then took my car to a garage to get a quote to fix all the bumps and bruises.... ouch!!  Craft shop next and boughts lots and lots of fab things - I sometimes don't find the right bits to buy but this time look at what I bought!!!  I will have so much fun with this lot - I see lots of Father's Day Cards!!

Back home and on with the chores, so far bed changed, washing up done, bed linen in washing machine, bins emptied and now I'm blogging!!  It's not quite the relaxing day off I had planned and don't know where the time's gone but hey I'm happy!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A Long Weekend

I'm taking a well deserved day off from work tomorrow to give me a 4 day weekend - yay!!  I've had a very busy and stressful week at work, which wasn't helped by someone reversing into the side of my car yesterday in Asda! The only plans I have so far are to get my hair cut and coloured at 10am tomorrow, then take my car to the spay garage to get a quote to fix all the bumps and bruises on it.  The rest of the weekend will be ad-lib!  I prefer to be spontaeous!!  I hope to get lots of crafting done over the weekend as the weather forecast isn't great.... my crafting has suffered due to the beautiful sunshine...I'm an outdoors, sun-worshipping kinda gal!

So what are you all up to this weekend??

Monday, 26 April 2010

At Last a Sale on Folksy!!

Yippee after months of waiting and constant plugging I today sold a card on Folksy.... this is my 3rd sale since opening the shop!!  My free postage offer has obviously been making it's way around the grape vine!!  It's such a nice feeling when you sell something - I know I am probably a tad over-excited but it's been a long time coming!!

This is the card I sold

If you need a card why not have a look around my online shop

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Because the weather is so nice and I'm feeling super-generous I have decided not to reinstate the postage in my folksy shop.  I will put it back on eventually (probably when the rain comes) but for now make the most of my generosity and buy lots of my beautiful cards !!!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I've extended the FREE POSTAGE offer in my folksy shop until 6pm on Friday so hurry, take full advantage 

Folksy Shop

Monday, 19 April 2010


Following my fast forward into the 21st century move this weekend I went in search of old mobile phones and found 4 old phones - which considering they weren't that old were considerably different to what I've got now!  I've kept 1 of them (the least valuable) just in case the new phone goes wrong, or gets thrown across the room in a temper...which is quite likely!  I did a comparison to find out who would give me the most money for my old rope, which turned out to be these guys.  Phones were packaged up and posted off today.... will await the arrival of a cheque for just over £100... woohoo!!!

Do your bit for the environment and make a bit of cash while you're at it..

Sunday, 18 April 2010


New cards I created today - made the most of the cloudy afternoon!

I've entered the 21st Century - at last!!

Today I was able to upgrade my mobile phone contract.  Rather than do it online we visited the O2 shop - with the hope that they could solve a dilemma.  You see I was absolutely, totally, 100% decided I was getting an iPhone, then hubby came home and told me about the new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - and this threw me.  I did loads of research and it looked great but I just couldn't decide whether to jump onto the iPhone bandwagon or be original and get something completely different.  The manager in the shop couldn't really help, he knew loads about the iPhone but nothing about this one... so it was left up to me, and I was in the shop secretly doing an eeny, meeny, miny mo..... and guess which one I walked out of the shop with???

**My New Phone**

Monday, 12 April 2010


Just went topless for the first time this year.. woohoo!!

Not really but my car did, love this weather!!

It's Hotting Up

It's really scarey how quick the year is flying by.  Doesn't seem long since we had all that snow and look it's April already and the weather is lovely!  Just spent the weekend getting the garden tidied and planted up ready for the dry, hot summer that we're gonna get... well I can hope!  I love it when the sun is shining and I can spend time outside enjoying my garden.  I only have a small garden but I have grass, trees and borders, even have room for patio furniture and my cat loves it when he can sprawl out on the grass!!

I really hope to get more use out of my barbeque this year.... already noticed there was a lack of barbeque food in the supermarkets this weekend!!

My crafting takes a hit when it's nice weather - can't be indoors when the suns out!!  Good job I built up my stock over the winter!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Free Postage for Folksy

To celebrate the beautiful sunny weather we are having at the moment I am offering free postage on every card in my Folksy Shop - FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Misi v Folksy v Etsy

There seems to be an ongoing debate in the craft world at present... which online retail outlet is the best for selling your wares??  

I personally have both a Misi shop and a Folksy shop - neither of which are making me much dosh!  Etsy seems to be popular but am I right in thinking this is USA based??  I'd have to charge more for postage than I would for the card, hmmm??!!.  If anyone would like to share success stories with their online shops I'm sure we'd all love to hear them....

Having just launched my website I am seriously thinking whether to sell direct from there rather than relying on other online retailers.  If I can direct enough traffic to my website then maybe I will be able to migrate.  

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Craft For Life

I'm doing my bit for Cancer Research UK. 

All you have to do is craft an A6 card, any theme, using products of your choice and leave the inside blank.  Then pop down to your local Cancer Research shop and pick up a few of their special cello bags.  Pop in your finished card then either sell to friends and family for £1 or give back to the shops to re-sell.  Every little helps!!  Why not join in....

I've done 3 cards already and working on another 3 - then they'll be taken back to the shop for them to re-sell for £1 each.  I may even pick up some more cello bags and make more!

For details see 

New Order

My next door neighbour buys a lot of cards off me and usually she wants cards that are personalised.  She posted a note through the door the other day asking me to do her a card for a new baby boy that was born over the weekend... and here is it!

Wonder what her next request will be, she apparently has lots of new babies in the pipeline!