Friday, 30 April 2010

Day Off So Far

Well I was wide awake at 7.15am when hubby left for work, so he made me a lovely cup of tea.. bless him.  I stayed in bed for a bit reading The Lovely Bones, which I'm loving so far!  Hairdressers at 10am - I love having my hair done and it was well overdue - black (and some grey) roots are not a good look!!  Out of the hairdressers by 12noon then into Tesco to pick up tonight's dinner, our favourite Old El Paso Fajitas and 2 bottles of wine - yum!  Then took my car to a garage to get a quote to fix all the bumps and bruises.... ouch!!  Craft shop next and boughts lots and lots of fab things - I sometimes don't find the right bits to buy but this time look at what I bought!!!  I will have so much fun with this lot - I see lots of Father's Day Cards!!

Back home and on with the chores, so far bed changed, washing up done, bed linen in washing machine, bins emptied and now I'm blogging!!  It's not quite the relaxing day off I had planned and don't know where the time's gone but hey I'm happy!!

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Shpangle said...

WOW! How did you manage to do that all in one day! Sounds like you had really good fun though :)