Monday, 12 April 2010

It's Hotting Up

It's really scarey how quick the year is flying by.  Doesn't seem long since we had all that snow and look it's April already and the weather is lovely!  Just spent the weekend getting the garden tidied and planted up ready for the dry, hot summer that we're gonna get... well I can hope!  I love it when the sun is shining and I can spend time outside enjoying my garden.  I only have a small garden but I have grass, trees and borders, even have room for patio furniture and my cat loves it when he can sprawl out on the grass!!

I really hope to get more use out of my barbeque this year.... already noticed there was a lack of barbeque food in the supermarkets this weekend!!

My crafting takes a hit when it's nice weather - can't be indoors when the suns out!!  Good job I built up my stock over the winter!!

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