Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Wow how hot is it this weekend!!  Yesterday was spent doing the housework and the food shopping in the morning then a leisurely afternoon sat in the garden.  We made the mistake of polishing off a whole bottle of Pims, which seemed like a good idea at the time.  One jug just wasn't enough so we made a second.  It was hard work getting to the end of it.... I can still taste it now! 

Today will be mostly spent in the garden and packing.  Tomorrow we head down to Somerset for a few days.  We are staying in Doniford Bay just outside Watchet.  Exmoor is a wonderful part of Britain and is where I've taken a few trips when I lived in the South West.  It'll be lovely to return to that part of the country.  We haven't been back that way since we moved north 3 years ago, a decision which was made due to circumstance rather than choice.  I think we'd both love to move back down there.... maybe one day!

Anyway as I type I can feel this room getting hotter and hotter and a cold shower is called for.  Sure there will be many photographs added to my blog on my return.  

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sunshine!! x

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Angela said...

Enjoy your trip back to Somerset, I lived there a long time ago, but have only visited twice since my family moved away.
I think it would be strange to return after all this time.