Friday, 14 May 2010

5 Whole Years

I met my husband 5 years ago today and thought it would be nice to write how I remember that day. 

I remember it like it was only yesterday.  It was a blind date (through Dating Direct) and we met up in a pub in Bristol at 1pm.  I was a bit early and was waiting outside for him but really wasn't sure who I was looking out for - had only seen a photograph.  I'd been waiting about 10 mins, getting a bit worried that I'd been stood up, then he rang saying he was just parking the car... about 5 mins later he turned up, looking very sweaty from running and quite nervous.  My initial thoughts were phwoar... he's a bit of alright!!  Anyway in we went and as we were both driving we drank copious amounts of coke.  We talked and talked and seemed to have loads in common.  After a couple of hours  we decided to have something to eat...  and we both had scampi and chips!  After eating we decided it would be better for one of us to ditch a car...I ditched my car and then we went to another pub close to my house - it was nice that I could finally have a drink (large red wine!), certainly helped me loosen up a bit.  The evening ended and he dropped me off home at midnight.... we laugh about our 11 hour first date because prior to that we'd both had disastrous blind dates, some that only lasted 20 mins!!  We had a fantastic date and I hope when we're in our 70's we'll still remember it like it was yesterday!  And yes we kissed on the first date... and it was me who made the move!!

Love You Hunny x

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Kim said...

What a lovely story! My husband and I tend to celebrate the day we met more than our wedding anniversary as we only married 2 years ago, but met 8 years ago.