Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Feature - One Stop Pamper Shop

Wow another week done and I'm so looking forward to a long weekend.  Really hoping for better weather than what we've had lately - hopefully off to Formby on Sunday or Monday for a nice day out.

So this week I've got another lady's talents to share with you - let me introduce Maryann Morris from One Stop Pamper Shop. 

Describe what it is you do, when you started doing it and what made you decide on your chosen craft.

I create candles, Really smelly ones! I started off when I was a teenager, but when I was 24 I decided to try and make some money from it. 6 years on and this is how it worked out!

What makes you different from other people selling/ doing the same craft?

I believe 100% in handmade, its not just a means to make money, but a whole way of life. I care about the products I make and therefore do everything I possibly can to make them the best scented candles ever!

Where do you get your inspiration/ ideas from? 

Everywhere! Quite literally it drives my partner insane.  We could be anywhere or doing anything and an idea will suddenly pop into my head and I'll need to write it down - I'm so forgetful!

Where do you make your items, do you have a studio?

I have a studio in a craft village in Essex

Where do you sell and how do you market yourself?

I sell from my studio, my website, Folksy, Etsy and

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I would like to think I would be in exactly the same place, just bigger and better!

Do you have any advice for people out there who might want to start a craft hobby/business?

There's never going to be a "right time" so if its really what you want to do then just give it a go.  At least if it then goes wrong you can say you tried.  Build up from small and don't borrow a penny if you can help it, that way every penny you make goes directly back into your pocket.

And this week's random question – You can take 3 CD’s with you to a desert island – what would they be and why??
Green day -  Nimrod, Aerosmith's Greatest Hits and some Bob Marley - well if im going to be stuck there for a while I may as well rock out where no one can laugh at me!

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Bobbins and Balms said...

lovely products, i bet the candles smell devine!!