Sunday, 1 July 2012

Grab a bargain!! Website closing down until further notice

Today, for reasons I am unable to disclose, my website will close down and as a little parting gesture everything is discounted by 20%.

As I'm a charitable soul I will also donate 25% from every sale today to the Oldham Distress Fund.  The blast in Buckley Street killed two-year-old Jamie Heaton and residents at up to 100 properties in the area were also evacuated to a Rest Centre at Crompton House school.  I work in Oldham in the dayjob, not far from Shaw, and know of quite a few people who have been effected by this terrible explosion. 
I would love to sell most of my remaining stock today and raise some money for a very worthy cause and I promise that when my website is re-launched in the near future there will be lots of fabulous new designs available.

Go to my website now and grab a bargain - all cards are 100% handmade and unique!!

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