Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brand New Website Launch

Friday was a big day for me - it saw the launch of my brand spanking new Website!!  It's taken me forever to do and listing 136 cards was a task and a half but now it's finished I know it was worth all the effort. 

I've only sold on Folksy up until now and to be honest the sales haven't been that great over the last couple of months and I seem to be spending more on listing and re-listing than what I'm selling.

I still have a Folksy shop for the time being but as items de-list it's unlikely they'll be re-listed.  The advantage of selling on your own website is they stay listed until sold and there's no listing fee!! 

Go and check out the new Website and why not leave a comment in the Guestbook!!

1 comment:

Shpangle said...

Great new website well done! I have signed your guestbook and wish you all the best for the future!

Also many thanks for adding the Crafts4Charity badge!