Friday, 25 March 2011

Feature Friday - Can U Knit it

Welcome to my 2nd Feature Friday.  This week I would like to introduce Karen Nelson from Can U Knit It. Karen makes individual knitted and crocheted items using everything from luxury yarns to string.

When did you start making your items and what made you decide that was the craft you were going to do?

I started knitting when I was 10 years old but started selling on Folksy in September last year.  I just enjoy knitting all the time, it's easy, quick and you can make all different things with it.

Do you do any other crafts?

Yes I sew, crochet, I have also done decoupage and I enjoy renovating old furniture by painting and stencilling it.

Is your craft your living or do you have a job as well, if you have a job would you like to make a living out of your craft?

I work full time as a pensions advisor but I would love to do a crafty job instead if I could.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere, the garden, books, weather, fashion and fabrics. 

Where do you sell your items and how do you market yourself?

I only sell on Folksy at the moment but when I have some spare time I would like to try some craft fairs. I market myself via Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon and hope to set my own website up in the near future. 

Whereabouts in your house do you make your items?

Mainly the living room, I have also finished items at work in my lunch hour.  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

If possible I would like to see my items sold by some of the high street shops. Being successful and making more people aware of how versatile knitting is.

Do you have any advice for people out there who might be interested in knitting?

Just try it, there is loads of advice on the internet and books on how to get started and if it doesn't work out you can always undo it and start again.

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Hi, I enjoyed reading this interview, thanks for sharing x