Tuesday, 4 September 2012

To Website or Not To Website... That is the Question!

I've been having a debate with myself recently as to whether or not I actually need a website.  I do have one mwldesigns.co.uk but there haven't been any sales via the online shop for quite a few months.  Most of my sales come from friends, work colleagues, Facebook/Twitter recommendations and at events so not sure if the website just causes me extra work??  

What I do need is a place to showcase my recent designs and launch ones so I'm thinking that my blog would be the best place to do this... and it's free!!

What do you think??  


Wendy said...

How long have you had your website? It takes quite a while to get Google ranking a website, so perhaps the website could be part of a long-term plan for you? I find a blog is perfect for showcasing and promoting, but from the blog I direct people to my website to buy things (it works). The website tends to be more structured, with things in order so it's easier to browse. But it's the blog which scores best in search engines (although the website is now starting to catch up). I think a website is good for returning customers, too, who may be confused by a blog (unless you're listing on static pages, which could work well). Good luck x

Unknown said...

It’s been months now, have you decided whether to have a website or not? I hope you did! A website can really helps a business to increase its popularity and sales, while Facebook and Twitter are tools that are excellent for customer service purposes. These are just some of the tools, but there are more out there that may suit your business needs.

Frida Stanton

Unknown said...

If you find the need to establish a website for your business, feel free to have one. Just remember that you have to keep it updated. The design and the content must also always be fresh and timely. They contribute a lot on the number of people following your blog. However, if you're satisfied with the connections that you have with your clients through Facebook and Twitter, I think you don't need to run a website anymore.

Francis Miller @ Priority Media Solutions